Good News

  • Dears.........
                                                             "JUSTICE DELYED IS NOT JUSTICE!!"
    I was happy for "Viktor Bout" to be released and left my Unit at Marion C.M.U. this early morning at 4:00 A.M. to be back with his loved ones and, also, Happy for Ms. Graner if she is going to be released in Prisoners Swap between U.S.A and Russia! "God" Speed for the rest of innocent prisoners' to be released as well!
    I have/had been with Viktor for many many years!! He is  a great Human Being who been loved by all the C.M.U. Unit, and the staff! All what have/had been said about him in the media is a "B.S"! I need a book to write about his good and peaceful character!
    I send my congratulation to all his family for his release!! "It's Better Late Than Never!!"
    His criminal case was fabricated  and the same case as mine and the same charges and the same  "False Accusations!!".
    My hope and faith first  in "God" and with the support of my dear family and the Syrian People!! 'God' Speed!'
    Abou Monawar- U.S.P. Marion- C.M.U.