Wendell Bruno's Poetry

  • A Day Grows With You With Me

    Hello ladies of San Diego and every place else

    I have a story to give to you and this poem form helps

    I work hard to be better in the place I’m in

    In the first place you know a good match should begin

    I thank God for my good health and even at my 52

    I am 20 inside and out and I rap for my company who knew

    The company of my own records that’s what I first am thinking

    but now that it grows on my senses a loving woman’s company

    could beautify my daily expression

    I do want to say I’m athletic and haven’t missed a workout

    in 8 months the longest I have gone

    I am not wrong to want to stay in good health I weed

    to be musical, dance and really be exuberant in meld

    I would love an African woman’s expected charm I am sure

    I grew to believe the most exciting pleasant life ya’ll bring cure

    I know I can brighten your day if I’m corny or boring

    I have a lot of work to do on me and your assistance will bring

    The better me for you and you’ll stay emotionally spiritually thriving

    I have affection for a companion that I know rivals the mind

    The distance the waiting the commonality we’d sure find

    The emotional balance a beautiful mate would give me weighs

    It would way heavy like a light to a long stint of days

    I would appreciate any sign of acceptance to my being

    I bequeath affection love interesting conversation basic love feedbacking

    I would not even bring you down

    I’m down to earth but world round

    Let’s get together

    Maybe made something grand that gets better you her


    Wendell Bruno