Kevin Devon Robinson's Poetry

  • Negro Spirit


    Tough as nails,

    Thru the skin like Christ,

    The Negro spirit,

    Like a army,

    Like a battle,

    We march for victory,

    The Negro spirit,



    Latin Hispanic,

    Have faced the oppressor,

    Hate itself, the oppressor,

    For we are the oppressed,

    We welcome our brothers and sisters

    Natives, Jew, Latin Hispanic.

    You are welcome,


    The Negro spirit,

    The Negro spirit,

    Cannot be broken,

    Cannot be stopped,


    The Negro spirit

    I guess this is why

    We are God’s chosen


    The Negro spirit,

    The oppressor rapes our people,

    The oppressor rapes our culture

    The oppressor steals our land,

    The oppressor steals our heritage,

    We the oppressed,

    Natives, Jews, Latin Hispanic,




    The Negro spirit,

    It will not die,

    It cannot be killed,

    The oppressor fears,

    The Negro spirit,

    We will not fail,

    We will succeed,

    We will not fall,

    We will stand,

    United forever

    The Negro spirit forever more


         © 2018

         by Kevin Devon Robinson